I went round to my friend, Linda’s today. Linda is the mum of Annie’s newest friend at school and we get on really well. A few days ago, she dropped into conversation, a few times, things about her brother, Michael and then later said that she thought he and I would get on great together. So today,  she talked a little about Michael and how when she met me a year ago she thought we’d be a good match but she didn’t say anything because of things that I’d said that led her to believe I wasn’t ready for a relationship. She said she didn’t think Michael had been in the right place either a year ago. The more she talked about Michael and what he’s like, the more I liked the sound of him. We seem to be fairly similar in quite a few ways and I’m quite intrigued by him. I am aware that I may not be Michael’s type or he may not be ready but I told Linda that if she wants to give him my number, she can.

Linda said she would and then said that he’s completed devoted to his kids, a girl aged 11 and a boy who’s 9. I like and respect that about him and I’d rather a man follow that in life than flit between women with no regard for how it impacts his children. If he decides to contact me, great, I will really look forward to getting to know what life has brought into my life and to discover the reasons why. If he doesn’t, I’ll admit I’ll be a little disappointed but I will accept that it’s not meant to be.

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