Highly Sensitive Person

After Phil sent me that link about Introverts the other day, I did a bit more research and came across an article that said, “Are you an introvert or a highly sensitive person (HSP)?” I then found a website about HSP’s and took the test. I scored 24 out of 27 – definitely highly sensitive. I then downloaded a book and began to read. Everything I read could have been written for me. Suddenly I was able to view my childhood and my relationship with Tom in a completely different way. How, had I not been an HSP, I possibly would have handled it differently and not been so affected by it but because I was/am HSP it all affected me massively.

I’m now wondering how I can make this work for me. The other side of being HSP is that it creates people with high empathy and understanding of others, and also makes them highly intuitive. Maybe it’s time to really embrace my highly sensitive nature and focus on my intuition even more than I have before.  I’m not going to focus on the negative aspects of being HSP, such as being sensitive to noise being startled easily, both of which are a regular occurrence for me, instead I’m going to really focus on the positives and make this work for me.

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