A Second Date

Michael and I went on a proper date tonight without Linda and Colin there. I picked him up and we chatted all the way. Once inside, we waited a little while for a table so stood chatting at the bar. Once we were seated, in a cosy corner tucked away from everyone else, we chatted nonstop for another four hours. We talked so much our food went cold but it was a great night. Michael is polite, respectful, easy to get along with and quite clearly the conversation flowed.

Whether there’s a spark remains to be seen ~ currently not but I’m not worried. It’s not like the lack of spark that there was with Phil, which was probably more a lack of attraction more than a lack of spark and it’s not as if I want there to be a spark to the extent that I had with Tom because it was blinding and debilitating but there is, I think, a mutual feeling on both our parts that we get on, have a fair amount in common and we’d both like to do it again, so whether it becomes a slow burner or not, remains to be seen.

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