The Hermit

Linda and I were talking after dropping the kids off at school and she dropped into conversation that Michael didn’t seem to be himself lately and asked if I’d noticed. I said that he’d gone really quiet on me over the past few weeks and she said that he’s gone quiet at home too and is withdrawing. She said it started just after our date but has got worse since he went to a ball last Saturday night. She confided that she thinks he’s suddenly realising what’s been missing from his life and realising that he’s wasted the last nine years by doing nothing other than raising the kids. She also confided that at the ball he refused to get up and dance and was quiet and moody and she thinks it’s because a lot of the men there were young and he realised that they’re just starting their lives while he’s forty-seven and he feels that time has passed him by and he has nothing much to show for it.

It seems that his way of dealing with that is to withdraw and go quiet on people, which I totally understand as it’s my way too. It sounds, from what Linda was saying, that this is normal for him and once he’s gone within, worked things out and come out with a plan he’ll return to normal. Until then, I just have sit back and wait if I do want another date which I’m not even sure that I do.

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