Soppy But Mental Catch

My conversations with Michael have really helped me to see how important it is for me to actually look for a relationship now and not settle for anything less. Tonight, I joined a dating website and as much as I hate dating websites, I don’t really know how else to go about meeting people. I wrote out my description, which is always difficult – you’re selling yourself as though you are a thing rather than a person – and I couldn’t help but note that I included my dog, Jasper in my description and described him as soppy but mental. How close is that to a description of me?!

It’s true that when in a relationship I am quite soppy. I love nothing more than kissing and cuddling and I’m always affectionate with the person I’m with but equally so, how true is it that maybe I’m also a little bit mental? This blog, for example, hardly paints a picture of a self-assured, confident woman. I am, in fact, a woman that doubts herself constantly, that flips from one thing to the next and who constantly changes her mind. I’ve no doubt that within a couple of weeks, I’ll have deleted my dating profile because, in all honesty, I can’t stand this way of picking someone to share life with. It’s bullshit, but what other way is there?

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