A Second Chance

I’m going on another date with Michael on Saturday. Despite thinking he’s not right for me, I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t write him off just yet. I don’t think I’ve been fair and given him enough of a chance, instead, I’ve done what I always do with men and focused totally on what I deem to be negatives. Whereas the reality is, the few times I have spent in his company I have really enjoyed.

I haven’t enjoyed it when Linda and Colin have been there but that was never about Michael, but always about us as a group. The reality also is that after our date in November, one of the reasons why I invited them all around for dinner was because I was dying to see him again and I didn’t want it to be a couple of months till that happened. I’d forgotten that until today. I’d been so focused on the negatives and the possible negatives of him that they were all I could see. In reality, I’m really looking forward to Saturday night. We’re going out for dinner and I really hope it’s as good as last time we had dinner alone.

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