Valentine’s Day Changes

Valentine’s Day this year was painful, more painful than any other particularly as it’s not something I’ve ever been bothered about before but this year, seeing all the couples on social media flaunting their love for each other just made me feel so lonely. So lonely that once again, I joined a dating site. I wrote my profile, added some nice pictures and then I decided that I would wait for men to contact me rather than me contacting them and I would reply to every single man that did. I also decided that I will go on a date with every single man that asks me.

I really need to change the energy around dating from one of fear to one of fun and excitement and so I also reinstated a dating blog that I began five years ago which has barely seen the light of day since. My style of writing there has always been so different to here – it’s fun, inappropriate and far less serious. Tonight, after a couple of hours of being on the dating site, I’m already chatting to a couple of men and I’m excited to see what this brings my way. At the least, I hope it just alleviates the fears that I have around dating.

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