The Search Begins

My plan with the dating site is paying off. So far, I’ve had eight men asking if we can meet up sometime.  Out of the men that have asked me on dates, one is a biker. We’re meeting up on Saturday but I doubt it’ll go beyond one date.

The second man is nice to talk to but quite boring but he’s mildly interesting so we’re going to meet up on Sunday for cake and a drink at a local teashop.

The third man I’m meeting is only seven years younger than me and really not my type but he asked so I’m going. We’re meeting for coffee on Monday morning.

The fourth man is a man I spoke to back in January on the same site. We were getting on really well and I did feel a bit of a spark with him but then fear got the better of me and I left. We’re meeting up for a drink on Monday night but I’m not sure where yet. He is the date I’m looking forward to the most so far.

The other dates haven’t been arranged properly yet but one man has said about us going canoeing which I’ve never done before. It’ll make an interesting story to tell if nothing else and another man wants to take me for ice cream, which will be hilarious given that I have the most sensitive teeth ever and always end up pulling faces. The others haven’t suggested anywhere or any time yet but there’s no rush, in all honesty, I could do with stretching it out over 3 weeks or so as my diary is already filling up more than I want but it’s great fun and I’m really glad I decided to date this way rather than only dating those I feel a spark with. At least this way, something may take me by surprise.

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