No Kissing Frogs

Date number four, Gary, wanted me to suggest where to go for our date. I suggested somewhere and he didn’t want to go there. He asked me to ring him to talk about it as it would be easier. My first impressions are that he’s quite abrupt and barely let me get a word in edgeways. He didn’t like my suggestion and so he gave me a few of his own. In the end, we settled for going to a bar in our local town.

Afterwards, he texted me asking how I was getting on with the dating site and if I had any more dates lined up. I said I had a couple and he said after I’d dated him I’d want to break my ‘no kissing on first dates’ rule He said about how much he’d enjoyed talking to me back in January and that he was on the verge of asking me on a date when I left and that he was glad I’d come back on the site. Despite his abruptness, there’s definitely a bit of a spark with Gary and I’m really looking forward to meeting him on Monday.

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