Signs of Perfection?

Gary and I have been exchanging messages and talking on the phone constantly since we swapped numbers. The more I talk to him the more I like the sound of him. He’s so intriguing and the spark between us is growing by the day. Today he said,  I like big romantic softies who are tactile & giving in a relationship as that is how I can be with the right partner. Feisty & independent…I wouldn’t want you any other way, Annie, & I would be the same, as I believe that each partner should challenge the other rather than curtail one’s independence & become overly reliant. However, I would hope that we would be the rock for the other, especially in times of need because mutual support in a relationship is very important too. I prefer the even ground where we play to each other’s strengths working in tandem & equally as a team. That’s what being in a partnership is all about.” 

He just sounds more and more perfect each time we talk. He comes across as very masterful and caveman-like but I can really sense a softer side to him that is very appealing. I get the impression he’s strong, confident in his masculinity but very much in touch with his feminine side. The fact that he’s gorgeous and there’s a huge spark just makes it perfect.

During our chat, I asked him if I would live up to the fantasy he has of me in his mind. He replied saying, I have had no fantasies regarding you. I like your pictures, I like your profile, I like your outlook on life & I like chatting with you. You would have to be the best con woman in the world to tick all the right boxes with so many falsehoods, so perhaps I’m just attracted to you? Have you considered that?”
I replied that he seems to know exactly who he is and what he wants in life, that he has a confidence most men that I’ve met don’t and that I like a self-assured man, one emotionally strong enough to handle a feisty woman but soft enough inside to not need to control her to feel better about himself.

He then answered with, “Hey, I’m confident in my abilities, so why not go on your other dates first & then we’ll meet. That way you’ll be saving the best until last?!  I bet you’ve had a lot of interest & it would be well deserved too. You have eyes to get lost in, an infectious smile & a bubbly personality. I can wait for such a prize because I know I will be the eventual winner, if you have any sense, which I know you have loads of. You excite me & not just in one way! I have to admit that I can feel the electricity between us through my phone. You wait until we meet. If you are as good in person, which I believe & hope you are, as you are via this medium I will forsake all others and I would expect no less from you.”

Totally demanding. Completely in charge. So much like a caveman and I kind of love it after the unassertiveness of Phil and then Michael. It’s taken me until now to realise just how much I am attracted to a powerful man. Not in the way Tom was which was about control but in this way, a man that is so self-assured he can stand his ground with me without showing his insecurities. I can’t wait to meet him. Only four days to go.

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