Getting Steamy In Sainsburys

Despite Gary’s attempted seduction of me, I still went on my pre-arranged date with the biker today. He had suggested I find somewhere for us to meet so I googled pubs in the area roughly halfway between our homes and came back to him to see if he had any suggestions. He wanted to meet at Sainsburys cafe. I knew before the date was arranged that this wouldn’t get beyond one date but the effort in our date venue confirmed it for me.

He was a little different to the photos on his profile. He was better. This was a good start. He was less hairy than he previously appeared and younger looking with quite nice eyes but a slightly odd shaped head.  He was wearing black jeans, a black hoody with some kind of heavy metal band logo on it and a black leather waistcoat. In his arms he held a carrier bag. Once we had our drinks, we sat down and he handed me the carrier bag and said it was for me. I opened it to reveal a cactus disguised as a rabbit which was unexpected and strange.

Conversation flowed surprisingly well. I now know about the pain he had in his leg when he first started his job. I know  some other health issues he had. I know that he hasn’t had a serious girlfriend for twenty-two years and I know that he once had a girlfriend who was really weird but that the sex was great. He made several references to me joining him on his bike for a ride and he suggested I join him for biker rallies. He spoke as though we were definitely going to be a couple and start doing lots of couple things together. At that point he unzipped his leather waistcoat, put his hand up inside his hoody and pulled out a  miniature box of roses from inside, under his armpit, and handed them to me. They were warm.  

I ended the date after an hour. He insisted on walking me to my car where he grabbed me, pulled me into him so hard that my tits were squashed up against him and his genitals pushing against my stomach. He told me I ticked all his boxes and wanted to see me again. I left, drove back to my local Sainsburys to get something for dinner and bumped right into Gary. We chatted, I told him a little about my date with number the biker. He suggested grabbing a coffee but one Sainsburys cafe date is enough for one night so instead we did our shopping together. I then went and got in his car with him to chat some more but when he kissed me, several times, in his steamy car in Sainsburys car park, chat went out of the window.  

I have to admit, the moment I set eyes on Gary I was a little disappointed. He’s not as good looking as his photos depict but there’s something about him I like. We talked on the phone once we both got back from Sainsburys, in fact, we chatted until the early hours of the morning. One thing really stuck out for me during the short time I was with him; it’s that he arouses and scares me in equal measure. It’s his masculinity. The way he put his hand in the small of my back was so sexy and shows such confidence in who he is as a man and I feel like it challenges me to step down from the masculine role I’ve adopted over the last few years and step into the feminine and that is really quite scary.

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