Gary went to the funeral of one of the men from the pub today and then back to the pub for the wake afterwards. He started drinking at about 11am and when I went into the pub at 3.30pm he was already steaming drunk. I left him there and said I’d pick him up later if he needed me to. He asked me to collect him at 6.45pm so I went to Tom’s, picked up Annie and then went on to get Gary. He came out to the car and had been crying and said he couldn’t leave yet as the daughter of the man who died was really upset so Annie and I went into the pub, got a drink and sat at a table and waited an hour for Gary while he and two other men consoled the girl which, from their drunken state was probably a lot of help but from my very sober state was just embarrassing to watch.

All of them were hugging each other while she got more and more worked up, crying uncontrollably while they told her they were all there for her, that she was family now and all the usual drunk talk. Annie and I sat in the corner, forgotten about and I felt really crap that he was happy for me to go out of my way to pick him up but then left us alone while he carried on drinking and playing ‘Uncle’. Eventually, he came away and we went back to mine, upon Gary’s insistence as he didn’t want to be alone. He sat on my sofa, I gave him dinner and then he started to fall asleep so I said he had to get in bed as I didn’t want my kids getting up and finding him like that so he staggered into the bedroom, flopped on the bed and asked me to take his shoes off and undress him. I said I wasn’t here to undress him as well as pick him up and feed him and he got in a mood, said he was asking too much of me after only a few weeks (he was) and that he would go home but instead, he quickly fell fast asleep. I know it was a funeral and a really difficult day but I can’t help thinking that he drinks far too much and too often. It seems to be a couple of pints and a bottle of wine every night and absolutely steaming drunk every weekend.

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