Cancelled Plans

Gary cancelled our plans for tonight despite what he said just a few days ago. He said he wanted to go to his local with his mates instead of out with me. I decided I wasn’t going to let him ruin my plans, I really wanted a night out so I started getting ready and decided I’d go into town and spend an evening with friends or if nobody was free, I would make some new ones once I got there but then Gary rang back up, asked what I was doing and when I said I was going into town, he backed down and said he’d come with me after all.

We went into town, had a couple of drinks in one pub and then moved on to another where we were just going to go for one drink, grab a takeaway and head home but we bumped into my friend, Rob, ended up getting ridiculously drunk and stayed until closing. It was a good night in the end, despite the awful beginning but I think if I’d told Gary that I was staying home, he’d have probably gone to his local rather than spend time with me.

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