New Friends

A couple of weeks ago, Gary said that he no longer wanted a proper relationship and that he just wanted something casual so that’s where we’ve been since then except casual seems to be meaning not really seeing each other at all which is how come I ended up going out with my friend, Rob last night. 

Rob was watching the football with a couple of mates, Jon and Howie, when I got there so I joined them all with my drink and we all sat chatting until closing time. When it was time to leave, Jon invited us all back to his flat for more drinks and pizza. We drank vodka, sang and danced and Jon, who is about fifteen years younger than me, massively flirted with me which was nice. At 5am we said we ought to call it a night but not before Jon asked for my number, and Howie, a gentle, kind-looking man, said that he’d like to see me again. All thoughts of Gary were pushed to the back of my mind and I gave out my number to both of them. Rob then walked me home and I collapsed into bed, very drunk and very tired at 5.30am after a really great night of doing all my favourites things – spending time with great people, laughing, talking shite, singing and dancing. This is what life is about, not arguing with Gary non-stop and then being rejected so he can go out on his own.

Funnily enough, this afternoon he rang to ask what I did last night and when I told him, he went mad at how late I’d stayed out and that it had been with three other men and wouldn’t believe that nothing happened between us. Maybe he should think about these things before he treats me like I don’t matter.

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