Aggressively Backtracking

Gary and I went out to the pub tonight and had a bit too much to drink – such is how life has become since meeting him. Towards the end of the evening, I made a jokey comment about touching someone’s bum to which Gary replied, “It’s a wonder you haven’t been raped the way you carry on.

I couldn’t believe it. What a thing to say. That if a woman makes a joke about touching someone’s bum (but not actually doing it), then it justifies it if a man then goes on to rape her! I was so incensed that I got my coat and walked home. Gary came after me but I carried on walking. Eventually he caught up with me, grabbed my hair and pulled me back. We argued, he got really aggressive, both verbally and physically, until I pushed him to get him off me. I then carried on walking but he did it again. Even when I started crying, he wouldn’t stop. He pinned me up to a lampost, said I was a bitch for staying out till 5.30am the other week but then changed and said, “Fuck having a casual and carefree relationship” and went on to say that he wanted us to have a proper relationship. He said that having the threat of me staying out late with other men (even though it was innocent apart from giving them both my number) made him realise he needed to get his act together. What a shame he had to use aggression to get his point across.

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