Sexual Magnetism

I’m so bad at making a decision and sticking to it, I know this better than anyone and today, I did it again. Gary texted me a few times and after a while, I caved in and told him that I needed sex and if he could offer that right now, then I’d take it.

I’m now laid in bed, he’s coming over in about half an hour just to have sex with me, but it’s not going to be any old sex. I told him that I wanted him to dominate me and ‘own’ me and so when he comes round, I’m going to be leaving the front door open for him, I’ll be waiting in bed and he will let himself in and take me in whatever way he sees fit.

A good idea? Possibly not but I don’t care. There’s something about him. He has a hold on me; the sexual magnetism is incredible and such a turn on, even though I still haven’t had a single orgasm with him, and no matter how much of a bastard he can be at times, I just cannot resist his sexual charms, so I’m not going to.

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