Did The Universe Listen?

After not sending that email to Dad yesterday, I later sent him one saying we’d decided to stay for the next five years. By this afternoon, I was wondering if I’d made the wrong decision. 

I realised that for months, the kids have been wanting to move. They really don’t want to stay in this house, they hate it and now we have the opportunity to do so and I’ve turned it down. Something else I realised is that we’re in dire need of so many new things – a car, washing machine, freezer and more that with all of those and the cost of moving, what we’re left with probably wouldn’t even affect what benefits I get.

What it would do is give us an opportunity that we’ve never had before. I’ve spent weeks feeling down and wishing for change. Real, long-term change. Something totally different to how the last twenty-four years have been and it’s starting to look as if the Universe has listened and is working on our behalf, even if I don’t like the way it’s coming about. I don’t think I can turn down this opportunity, no matter how much it’s hurting me. I’m starting to think I’d be a fool to say no.


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