We viewed a house yesterday and went back for another visit today. Size-wise it’s ideal but it’s an old house with dated bathrooms and a somewhat dated kitchen. My head says yes but my heart is hovering between yes and no and I don’t know if it’s because the house isn’t right or just because it’s the fear of change.

Last night I made a list of 31 pros and 15 cons, when I looked properly at the cons, only 3 of them were real cons, the rest were workable. Katie loves the house and there is a lot to love. It has a beautiful big garden, original features in many of the rooms, it’s big, light and airy, all of the bedrooms are a really good size and yet I still have some niggles. I think I’m just going to have to wait and see if our offer, which was a fair bit below the rent the landlord was advertising it for, gets accepted and then see what my gut reaction is.

What I could really do with is someone more logical and less feeling than me to help me with the decision which Gary, who is always logical in decision making, would have been ideal at but as usual, when I need him, he’s nowhere to be seen.

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