Boring People Like You

I was talking to Gary last night and I asked him if he’d join me on my weekend away even though I booked it so I can have some me-time away from everything. He said I should go on my own but said he’d be prepared to come Friday night and leave early Saturday morning so that I’d still get most of the weekend to myself but then as we carried on talking he pissed me off so much that I ended up texting him this morning to tell him I’d rather be on my own.

I said that I’d missed him and he said, “Do you? Lol” He then sent me a photo of the place he was at which had tealight candles on the table. I joked about it adding to the ambience and that there was no excuse for him not to dance. He said, “Yes, it’s the kind of thing that boring people do……like you.

When I asked him to spend the weekend with me he said he had plans on Saturday, when I asked him what they were he said, “Anything that doesn’t include you.

He is so fucking nasty all of the time. All of it has a ‘Lol‘ after it so that he can try and make out he’s joking but it’s getting so old now. His ‘jokes’ are pathetic but he’s done me a favour. He’s made me see just how much he would ruin my weekend and so he won’t be playing any part in it whatsoever. This is about me, not him.

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