The Lion’s Den

After eleven days of silence from Gary, I ended the relationship. That was five days ago and since then, he has been texting me non-stop to ask about the kids or just general chit chat. Last night he went to the pub and I could tell he’d had a few to drink (when doesn’t he?) because he was texting all night. He asked what I was up to with my Saturday night and I could tell he was worried that I was out dating or just having fun without him and then when the drink really kicked in he said that he didn’t want us to end but said that he wouldn’t change and stop the name calling as he’d been doing it for too long. He also said something about me needing to be the one to change. So basically, he can carry on doing whatever he wants to do and never be held accountable for it but I have to change and not get offended, ever!

So you’d think that would be it, wouldn’t you? But no. I started to feel what I always feel when I end a relationship with someone. Guilt. And so I asked him if he wanted to meet up for a quick, non alcoholic drink to talk about things. We met at a garden centre today. I got there first. When he arrived he walked straight up to me, grabbed me and kissed me quite forcefully. I pushed him away.
We then sat and talked but we talked about everything but us. He talked about his front room, yet again, and what he still needs to do to it and he just about found the manners to ask how Annie was doing as she broke her arm a few days ago, but he didn’t look particularly interested in the answer and then we left. At the car, he kissed me again, grabbed my tits and tried putting his hand up my dress, I pushed him away but then the guilt really kicked in and I asked if we could go back to his. And so we did. Afterwards I laid in his bed crying (secretly), knowing that I’d just walked back into the lion’s den. What a fool I am.

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