A Handy Convenience

Gary texted me earlier to tell me he’d tried to delete his profile from the dating site but that he couldn’t remember his password and couldn’t remember the email address he’d signed up with so therefore he couldn’t be sent his password to delete it. How convenient!

He rang me, which I didn’t answer as the girls were with me so he texted me to say that he was telling the truth. He later said I should stop taking my frustrations out on him! I sent him a link to symptoms of sugar withdrawal which included mood swings, depression, irritability and fatigue, all of which I’m suffering terribly and instead of just trying to understand, which is what I’d wanted him to do he said, “I didn’t ask you to stop eating sugar. That’s your choice! You just need to do yoga, swimming and exercise. You even need sugar for energy to do that.”

Mood swings or not, right now, I’m fucking sick to the back teeth of him. As I write this, I am completely child-free for the first time in twelve days. I thought I might use the few hours without the kids to go round and see Gary but it’s actually the last thing I want to do so I’m staying home and reading my book.

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