A Soulmate & A Cheat

Gary told me a few days ago that I am his soul mate! He doesn’t even believe in such things, or so I thought. He said he wanted to be in a proper relationship with me, that he wanted much more than just sex, that he would delete his profile off the dating site if we got back together and kept telling me he loved me and calling me gorgeous. Just like at the beginning. I smelt a rat.

I didn’t want to get back with Gary. We never did discuss the terms of our agreement so for the past few weeks, all we’ve been is friends with benefits and that’s been enough for me. Life is so stressful with him, my kids can’t stand him, he’s boring as hell, all he does is get drunk every night, watch telly or sit in the pub. There was no good reason to get back with him at all and yet when he asked, I agreed. The bitch in me wanted to see what game he was playing, because game playing is what Gary does. I didn’t have to wait long.

We agreed that once we saw each other and discussed us getting back together then we were a couple and therefore he would immediately delete his profile from the dating site. He didn’t do it! That should have happened last Thursday night but he was too tired and had a headache, apparently. He didn’t do it all weekend either as he was too busy or too pissed, in his words. And yet, he still appeared as online quite a few times throughout the weekend. (A friend who is on the site was checking for me.) He’d said to me a few weeks back that the only time he goes on there was if he got a notification, meaning someone had messaged him or liked him. I thought for such an average looking man, he was getting a lot of interest. I didn’t believe that story and I didn’t believe him when he said he couldn’t work out his password, yet then managed to when he changed his phone! I decided to set up a trap and catch him once and for all. I set up a false account with a photo of a woman who was completely his type. He messaged “Evie” straight away. The chat very quickly turned to him charming her by telling her she had ‘a cracking smile’ that she was gorgeous, all the same bullshit he used to say to me. Less than 24 hours later, he sent Evie his phone number. During the text conversations, he told her he was 100% single and started sexual talk with her. He almost arranged meeting up just to fuck and that’s when I think he started to suspect she may not be real, because at that point, I couldn’t give him any more photos. Instead, as her, I sent him a photo of me.

It came as no surprise to me when he said he knew it was me all along. He definitely didn’t and even if he did, if he loved me he wouldn’t have wanted me to think that he was chatting to other women, he would have wanted to reassure me he wasn’t. Actually, if he loved me he wouldn’t have been on there in the first place. He then turned it around completely and blamed me! Typical Gary style, take no responsibility for anything, not even when he’s caught lying and cheating. He said that I’d been caught lying, despite me revealing myself to him and that he had never lied to me about anything. All the evidence in black and white and he was still trying to worm his way out of it. Twat. He then got angry, told me he never wanted to speak to me again and blocked me on Whatsapp.

And now we’re over and done with, for good. Completely and utterly and it feels really good. I don’t need or want his negative, draining, controlling, abusive, lying, cheating energy anywhere near my life. If he ever contacts me again, he’ll either get ignored or told to fuck off. If I see him out, I won’t interact with him at all. Time to move on. Finally.

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