Contact Made

After the debacle with Gary ten days ago, he sent me this text today.

Hi Annie. I hope you’ve checked your aggression and are able to communicate in a sensible manner. I hope you and the family are well. I’ve unblocked you on here in case you need a friend or someone to chat with or to simply let off steam when you need to. You take care.”

I read it and then thought about how to reply. I wanted to react, to pull him up on the bullshit of it all but in the end, I decided to go the sensible route. I said, “I think we’ve said all we ever need to say to each other. I don’t want or need your support or friendship.” He replied, “Pity you feel like that. Well, the offer is there. Admittedly I should have weighed up the fact that you’d not believe that I was stringing you along in the farce that you’d started but hey, I didn’t, so for that I am sorry. Take care.”

He will never ever change. He will spend the rest of his life taking no responsibility for anything he says or does and will forever blame everyone else. I have to make this the last time I have any contact with him, for the sake of my inner peace.

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