The Real Him

Mo messaged me again last night, this time to send me photos of his visit to the Cornwall. Later he sent me a photo of a book he’s reading SM101. I hadn’t heard of it so I Googled it to find that it’s a guide to the BDSM lifestyle. If I wasn’t already put off by him enough, this really finished it off. I asked him if it was a personal interest, he pretty much admitted it was and that he’d given it up years ago for marriage. I then asked him some questions which he again, didn’t answer. Based on his question avoidance I told him he’d make an excellent politician. He said, “I make a lot of excellent things. I’m an excellent lover, father, friend, son” and then said he had references! I asked him what made an excellent lover and he refused to answer saying it was too interview-y and that I’ve already had feedback about this area of life. We have never discussed anything to do with sex.  When I rephrased my question and asked what made him an excellent lover he said I’d have to ask those that gave him that title and then called me crass.

We then somehow got to discussing life’s rule which I said I don’t always follow, that I make my own as much as I could and he said that he’d now withdraw from our ‘thing’ as he was less interested in someone who doesn’t follow life’s rules because the rules of life sound wise and all knowing and that his path is based on an understanding of the very purest rules! Rules that, in my opinion, someone came up with, once upon a time that were right for them but not necessarily right for 100% of the people then or now, but he couldn’t see that. He then said that when we eventually meet he’d hope I’m a little more natural and then later in the conversation called me a moaner and then asked if I am a moaner as a lover. Totally vile. He asked if I was looking forward to meeting him so I played him at his game and refused to answer.

Mo messaged me again tonight. It was brief because I didn’t bother answering other than the first two times. He said, “Leaving Cornwall now but didn’t get chance to go to the shops.” I said, “Shame” He said, “Why use three words when you can use one?” I replied, “Exactly. No verbal diarrhoea necessary” and he did exactly what is becoming a new habit for him, putting me down. He said, “Why did you have to use four more words? Overcompensating.

Later he said, “Home now. At a Sushi takeaway. Before I get 20 questions from you, yes it’s a habit, a wish, a strong desire, I make sushi too, but not as well as I’d like and I love lots of things Japanese.
I ignored it completely because I’m finding that I’m defending myself, feeling crap about myself and feeling just like I did with Tom and Gary and that is not something I’m ever going to tolerate ever again. Tomorrow I will end this communication once and for all.

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