A Universal Link

Every now on then, curiosity gets the better of me and I look on Facebook to see what Phil is up to. He always has his wall open so I’m able to see. There’s never anything of interest, there’s usually just a reminder of his lack of love for himself but today there was a photo that he’d posted a few weeks ago of the sun rising on the street he was stood on. The street was the exact same one where I take Katie to for a music lesson each week which might not sound that odd but it’s almost 25 miles away and not somewhere Phil and I ever ventured together.

Strangely, Katie had been talking about Phil earlier and the positivity he brought to our lives (which was what made me look on his wall in the first place) and I thought it’s just too coincidental to leave it there so I sent him an email to tell him and see how it was. He replied and we had a long chat about our respective lives. He’s still with Carol and the photo was actually taken outside her house. We both marvelled at the coincidence that Katie’s music teacher is on the same road as Phil’s girlfriend, we chatted some more about the kids and work and then we left it there.

I wished him well and said it would be good to hear from him now and then but that’s all. I used to long for a rekindling of a friendship, but not the relationship, but I don’t want that now. My life has moved on, as has his and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. There was a great connection once upon a time, there isn’t any more. It was nice to be reminded how we’re all linked, through time, distance and energy, one way or another.

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