Just One More Day

It’s day three of my social media ban and I don’t think I’ll be going back. I feel so much calmer without the apps in my life. This is the beginning of my minimalism journey and my adventure into a valuable life. Stripping back on all the unnecssary things in life ~ social media being one of them. Another thing is all the crap we accumulate. It’s about not buying stuff unless we really need it and it’s about looking at everything we own and asking ourselves, Do I use it? Do I need it? Does this add value to my life? If the answers are no, it goes and you carry on stripping back until you have the minimum amount of stuff needed to live. This could, and in my case, will apply to people as well as things.

Today, it applied to consciously using my time and energy. I had very little sleep last night, I kept waking, I was restless. Today I was exhausted and so once I’d done a few things I needed to do, I put on my pyjamas, wrapped myself in a blanket and read. Getting back to normal can wait for one more day. What is normal anyway? A stressful existence of running from place to place, trying to achieve too much in too little time and creating little more than a headache. While the kids happily did their own thing for a couple of hours I luxuriated in the softness and warmth of the blanket and stripped my life back to relaxation and ease. Isn’t that a nicer way to spend just one more day?

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