Creating Space

Today, on the fourth day of creating a valuable life, I found myself looking at my home, my stuff and my life in general and asking if all of these things add value and there’s far, far too much stuff that doesn’t. Too much of everything creates needless hours of tidying up. It’s all got to go.

I looked at my emails ~ 99% of it is junk and advertising so I’ve been going through today and unsubscribing or blocking so that I don’t receive anything I don’t want anymore. I went through mine and Annie’s books too and got rid of six carrier bags full of books that we’re not going to read and over the next few months I’m going to go through every single inch of this house and ask myself if each thing adds value to my life and if not, it’s going.

What I’m achieving by doing this is not only creating more physical space and less stress but creating more space in my life for good to enter. It’s a message to the Universe that all the crap, unnecessary and invaluable holds no place in my life anymore but there will be room for value after this. Only the most valuable, and for the first time in my life, I feel as though I’m entitled to it.

Could I have filled my home and my life with worthless clutter to try and make myself feel as though, collectively it holds value? Stuff, people? Could I have done this because I didn’t feel as though I was entitled to or deserved real things, or people, of value? Maybe so. But now, I’m creating space. I’m beginning the journey into a valuable life and I’m not going to look back.

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