High-Value Man

I wrote yesterday about becoming a high-value woman to attract a high-value man so I thought it only right that I am clear, with myself, about what a high-value man is and what qualities he possesses.

  • He has a commitment to personal growth and is committed to learning everything he can about how to be a better person and a better partner
  • He is willing to receive help and guidance in various forms from books to seminars to counselling
  • He is conscious of his blind spots and childhood programming and is aware of what emotional baggage he is bringing to the relationship
  • He has personal goals for his own self-improvement and you can see specific positive changes in him, over time
  • Is emotionally open – he has feelings; knows what he is feeling; chooses to share those feelings with me; knows how to express those feelings to me
  • He is honest with himself
  • He is honest with others
  • He is honest with me
  • He doesn’t play games
  • He can take care of himself – he earns enough money to support himself; knows how to keep his living space relatively clean; knows how to feed himself
  • He responsible and owns his own shit
  • He’s respectful to all, including himself
  • He has high self-esteem
  • He takes pride in himself
  • He doesn’t abuse himself
  • He doesn’t allow others to abuse him
  • He takes action in his life – he takes chances and goes after his dreams. He doesn’t worry about failure or stepping out of his comfort zones
  • He is a positive person 

This list pretty much applies to me as well. It’s less about a high-value man and more about a high-value person.
High-value people and high-value living – both of which equal a high-value life. A valuable life. My goal for 2017.


  1. This is a really good summation this list – do you also think that someone who is working towards these elements is also high value. I often think, that as long as a person is on this journey, then that’s a huge deal to me.

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    1. Absolutely! We are all a work in progress and I think the key is to constantly be in that process of self-awareness and making changes where we feel necessary. It is those that plough through life blind to their own behaviours and attitudes, destroying others along the way that are lower in value.
      I’m not sure any of us will ever reach the pinnacle but as long as we’re striving to get there, then that’s a high-value person, in my opinion.


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