Easy Come, Easy Go

Alice inadvertently gave me a lesson on being easy-going, relaxing about stuff and just having fun.
On Christmas eve, she went on a date with a boy called George and she’s been seeing him every now and then ever since. They text, they meet up, they get takeaway, watch telly, mess around, have sex and then carry on with their own lives. No labels, no attachments, no pressure. She jokingly called him her plaything today and it made me realise that I need to adopt the same attitude.

Whenever I’m with a man or think about dating or anything to do with men and relationships, I get really serious. I start thinking of husbands and long term and it makes me a bit of a possessive nightmare. If I can just learn to treat dating as something that brings fun to my life rather than a means to an end, I’d be a much happier person and no doubt, a lot more attractive to the opposite sex too. I don’t have to have sex with every man I meet but there’s no harm in a little bit of easy come, easy go.

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