With Alice’s words about dating ringing in my ears, I decided to test the theory and try and find someone to have a casual sex only relationship with. No strings, no expectations of any kind, nothing other than sex as and when it suits us both. I wrote a profile on a dating site expressing my intentions with no room for misinterpretation. This is what I consider to be the best way to getting what I currently want in life; some fun with, hopefully, a decent person. I received 163 messages from men saying they were interested. I immediately deleted 159 of them and chatted to the other four but very quickly I found there to be one person that was standing out as more interesting than the rest. 

I was instantly physically attracted to Liam and I liked the sound of him too. Describing himself as a people person and someone who loves to talk and laugh a lot, I thought that at least he’d be able to hold a decent conversation before and possibly after sex too. I don’t want a robot, just a man personable enough to make this less mechanical, as will I.


We spoke throughout the evening and he sounded respectful and was totally on board with it being nothing more than sex as, like me, he is also a full-time single parent albeit with every weekend free. I made it abundantly clear to him that some things are off-limits to which he agreed and said that pressure for anything would be against everything that he holds dear and if he thought I was unhappy with something we did, it would be a massive turn off for him.

And so, it’s arranged. In three days, I will be meeting Liam in a local bar and as long as we get on, within a couple of hours of our first meeting, I’ll be having sex with him and hopefully making this a regular thing. This could be either the best thing I’ve done in a long time or it’ll be the worst and I’ll be putting myself at great risk. I’ll be listening intently to my gut instinct on Saturday night and won’t go back with him if it feels wrong at all but currently I get really good vibes from him.

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