A Perfect Arrangement

I met Liam tonight. He said hello, kissed my cheek and we went to the bar for a drink and to get to know each other a little. It was really easy and relaxed between us. No awkwardness at all. He was polite, respectful, interested in what I had to say and interesting to talk to. He’s funny and seems to genuinely be a nice person. I felt really comfortable and safe with him from the instant we met. We stayed in the bar chatting for about two hours before it started to get busy and noisy so I suggested leaving. He asked what I wanted to do so I said I’d like to go back to his. 

At his, we sat on the sofa talking for a couple of minutes before he asked if I was happy and felt okay with things. I said I was so he asked if I wanted to see how we got on in the bedroom. I said I did. I stood up and he pulled me towards him and kissed me, but not in a way I’ve ever been kissed before but in the way I’ve always wanted to be kissed. He held my face in his hands and kissed me deeply with just the right amount of gentleness but passion too. He’s an amazing kisser. We went upstairs, he kept kissing me while undressing me and stroking my hair and my face and was just so attentive. He pulled my hair a little but wasn’t too rough, said I had great tits (always good to hear) and then explored my entire body with his hands and tongue.

When he then started to have sex with me, it was a bit of a shock as he’s much bigger than I’ve been used to in recent years but rather than pound it into me as so many men think is what good sex is, he said he’d go gently until I was ready for more, which he did. It was really incredible sex, although I didn’t have an orgasm, and then when we were finished, he cuddled me and kissed me, stroking my back and touching my face before giving me kisses on my head. After a while, I started to kiss him to see his response which was favourable but rather than letting him do all the work again I moved down his body and gave him oral sex.

We cuddled and talked more and then I said I ought to go and let him sleep. I dressed, he said it was really lovely to meet me properly, said he’d had a good time but that he wouldn’t pressure me to see him again and then asked me to let him know when I was home safely. It’s now almost two hours later and I’m still on cloud 9. It was easily the best sex I’ve had in years, despite the lack of orgasms, and one thing I’m certain about now is that I will never sleep with the likes of Gary again. Liam was so respectful but also really fucking amazing in bed and I won’t go back to the sexual abuse and disrespect Gary put me through.

The emotions might not be there with Liam like they were with men like Tom and Gary but I’m okay with that, it’s safer that way. This way, I get to have a lot of fun while being respected, on my terms, when I want to with none of the shit that comes with having feelings. It seems that Liam’s looking for a similar thing too, something his children don’t need to get involved in or even know about. It’s a perfect arrangement.

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