Avoiding The Storm

It’s been a week since Gary turned up on my doorstep and I’m happy to say I emotionally survived the storm that his arrival could have created. There were a rough couple of days where I found myself thinking about him all of the time and wanting to contact him but I resisted and got through it. A week on, he’s been put back in the box that he belongs in – the past. Mine and the kids’ new lives are about to begin and he doesn’t need to be a part of it.

We heard back from the letting agents yesterday to say the house should be ready to move into at the beginning of August, possibly sooner and so it’s vital that I don’t bring Gary with me. I won’t be telling him I’ve moved or where I’ve gone to. I haven’t blocked him on anything yet as it’ll only encourage him to come round or try and find me but I won’t be contacting him for any reason and as soon as we’ve moved, I’ll send him one last text and then will block him for good.

Historically, it takes me a long time to let go of people that I need to and this time around it’s taken about a year but I’ve done it, just in time for my fresh start to get going. I’ve let go of Gary, despite the small blip (but I’ll forgive myself for that) and I’m starting to pack the house and rid my life of anything we don’t need, use or love. The timing of our move is going to be almost exactly seven years from when I left Tom, give or take a week or two and it couldn’t be more perfect. Here’s to what we hope will be an amazingly happy next chapter of our lives.

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