What Not To Do

Mark has done exactly what I hoped he wouldn’t do and has started talking about sex and how he can’t wait to fuck me, asking if that could happen by date 5, asking if I like foreplay, talking about oral sex. It’s the most off-putting and offensive thing. You do not meet someone one day, tell them you like them and then immediately start assuming that sex will happen. I’ve just about arrived at the point where I want to meet him for a second date, purely based on how much fun we had, not based on whether I fancy him or not.  He now has 24 hours to redeem himself otherwise no second date. Maybe I am a bit too hard but after my history with men, I need to be. No more overstepping the boundaries and no more doing things I don’t want to do out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings. It’s led me down too many dark paths that have led to my breaking. It’s not happening anymore.


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