A Very Lovely Third Date

I woke with terrible anxiety this morning and totally panicky about having a third date with Harry. I was worried sick about how this is going to affect the kids with me going out on dates more regularly but also about if he’ll still like me the more he gets to know me. It took me quite a while to calm myself down and just relax.

Our third date went uneventfully. We met for a drink and Harry talked a bit about his late wife, how she died, about his children and how they’re doing and then Harry told me that he loves me and while it feels far too soon for falling in love, it has been one of the most intensely comfortable weeks of my life and things have been easier with him than they have been with anyone for such a long time.

I didn’t say it back to him. It’s ridiculously early for me to even consider having such strong feelings but eight days after our first meeting and just a few weeks since we started talking on the dating site and there still isn’t a single red flag, not even with the confession of love, kink bag and the shrine to his wife although I’d be lying if I said they haven’t sounded a few bells somewhere in the distance but for now, all there is, is honesty, kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness and our third date ended up being really really lovely.

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