A Lazy Man?

I think I’ve come across the first thing to bother me about Harry. I’m not expecting a perfect man who has no faults or flaws but what I’ve noticed is potentially a deal-breaker for me. I think he’s lazy and I don’t really like laziness in a person. I can be lazy at times but mostly, I’m on the go, doing something. Harry goes to work three days a week and on the other four days, he seems to sit in his bedroom watching TV. He has a cleaner who comes in twice a week, someone does all the family’s washing, he never cooks, he always gets the kids a takeaway instead and earlier, we had a conversation about DIY as I was trying to fit a curtain track and he said that wasn’t his forte and that he pays someone to do the DIY or decorating if it needs doing. He also has someone cut his grass for him. So what does he do?

He’s admitted that he rarely does anything constructive with the kids, they always seem to be around a relative’s house or out playing and he said that yesterday, he got his eight-year-old to make breakfast and lunch for them both while he watched telly in bed and then made her clean everything up too. This is quite a big deal for me because mostly I don’t see any positive parenting going on and I’m a huge advocate of that but also, it worries me that he might expect me to slip into the role of ‘mum’ while he does nothing except go to work a couple of times a week. I don’t want that, I want something equal where, if we take this in that direction, we share chores including the gardening and the DIY, cooking and childcare.

Other than adoring me, as he constantly likes to tell me, I’m not sure what else he’s going to be able to offer me but I’ll give him a chance because I can’t tell that for certain this close to the beginning it’s a concern that is very real today.

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