A Very Posh Dinner Party

When we first looked around the house we now live in, we were only able to do so as the tenant at the time, Drew, let us in a month before anyone was supposed to look around. It secured us the place and then when he left us some furniture that he no longer had a use for, I felt it only fair that I thank him in some way so I invited him over for dinner. When Sasha’s partner helped me by fitting curtain poles all around the house I decided that dinner would be a good way to thank him too and with a ‘very posh’ dinner party being on my Bucket List, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a night of it.

Tonight was my dinner party. I went to huge efforts and expense with the food, I dressed the table, got in expensive wines and insisted that everyone dressed for the occasion in their finest attire. As well as Drew, Sasha and her partner, Leo, my friends, Donna. Kyle, Sam and John were also invited. When I told Harry that I wasn’t going to be free tonight as I had plans, he asked what they were and then got really annoyed because I hadn’t invited him. I told him it had been arranged before I even met him, that it was a dinner to say thank you to those that helped me with the house move and that it was still really early on to be introducing him to my friends and family – my kids would be in the house too – but he got so sulky that I ended up caving in even though it wasn’t what I wanted at all.

The evening didn’t go quite as planned. Everyone got ridiculously drunk before dinner was served which was fine and made the evening quite fun but afterwards, we went into the lounge where we played a game for a little while but the evening got a little weird when Drew was asked how he’d lost his leg. When he said he’d had a motorbike accident, Harry suddenly shouted at him, “You think your life is hard. Try losing your fucking wife. Try having kids who have lost their fucking mum.” It was a very over the top reaction and was so rude and unnecessary. He really embarrassed and humiliated me and shortly afterwards, everyone made their excuses and left. Maybe it wasn’t my old patterns coming into play the other day, maybe it is actually a problem with Harry?

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