Hello! I’m Annie

When I found myself in an emotionally abusive relationship and had no outlet for my pain, I decided to start writing. It became my salvation in the time that followed.

On the day that I left him, I decided to Find My Truth and stop believing the lies about me that I’d heard for so long.

Finding my truth led me onto a path of self discovery, awareness, exploration and deep emotional healing. It was raw, it was painful, it was honest and at times it was really messy.

These are my stories and this is my journey from living with abuse to finding my truth through parenting, dating, creativity, self awareness, personal growth, acceptance, self-love and through life itself.

It’s my journey of becoming who I’m truly meant to be – the best possible version of myself. Becoming, the blog and my personal journey, is a work in progress . . .

All posts are available to read in the archives or you can start at the very beginning here.

(Note: Although the posts that are currently on the blog are from many years ago, new posts are being added daily to bring the blog up to date.)