Katie and Annie went back to school this morning. I got up early enough to see Josh before he went … More

September Song

September has always felt more like a beginning than at any other time of the year. Probably it stems from … More

Not Settling

I deleted my account from the dating site today. It wasn’t right, as I knew it wouldn’t be. I looked … More

On Yer Bike

Yet again, for probably the fourth time this year, I’ve decided to join a dating site. I don’t know if … More

The Pull

Despite Phil being in a relationship with someone else for the last six months, he offered me sex tonight. We … More

Stepping Stones

Phil emailed me last night to tell me that he’d had a meeting with his bosses to discuss the job … More

Beyond Selfish

I am exhausted. I am so tired I could drop. I feel drained on every level and so tonight, after … More


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