Happily Ever After

Harry messaged me today apologising for the names he called me and for the way he reacted to everything including … More

The True Meaning of Love

Love, like everything else in life, changes constantly, it evolves accordingly. When you truly love someone, it lives on and … More

Attachment Theories

I was googling something or other tonight and it led me onto some websites on attachment theories. Reading through, I … More

This Is Enough

I know what I’m doing with Harry. I know that ten days ago he triggered some major fears of vulnerability … More

Bubble-Wrapped Blows

On Thursday evening, Harry suggested that we didn’t see each other this weekend, instead, he said he would give me … More

A Square Peg

I take it back. This, that I have with Harry isn’t a healthy endeavour. It’s no more healthy than what … More

A Healthy Endeavour

In my last counselling session, we discussed how I was going to move forward without the ongoing support and with … More


It shouldn’t really come as any surprise to me that I’m saying this but I miss being single. The last … More

Old Patterns

 Seeing Harry tonight, all of my worries from yesterday just disappeared and I realised that my old patterns are returning. … More

A Lazy Man?

I think I’ve come across the first thing to bother me about Harry. I’m not expecting a perfect man who … More


Harry invited me to his house to watch a film for our fourth date. I agreed even though it would … More

The Future’s Bright

Last night I laid in bed and was a bit worried about not having the instant magnetic attraction to Harry that … More

A Very Lovely Third Date

I woke with terrible anxiety this morning and totally panicky about having a third date with Harry. I was worried … More

A Date & A Kiss

I went on a date with the only man left on the dating site that I was prepared to continue … More

What Not To Do

Mark has done exactly what I hoped he wouldn’t do and has started talking about sex and how he can’t … More

Testing The Water

I decided to give the dating game another go. I thought that it was all well and good talking to … More

Little Change

I’m struggling a little to adjust to our new home. I had illusions that moving house would solve everything but … More

Not Giving Up

I saw the counsellor again today. We didn’t do EMDR this week, she didn’t want to so instead, we talked … More

The Next Chapter

We moved into our new house today. By this evening, when everything was in and all the beds made up … More

The Unconscious Mind

I saw my counsellor, Caroline again today and brought up what she said last week about me having Borderline Personality … More


Borderline. That’s what she said. I remembered it last night. She thinks I have Borderline Personality Disorder and after extensive … More

Personality Disorder

I feel shit. I decided to have a few sessions with a counsellor to support me as I go through … More


While clearing out and packing the drawers in my bedroom today, I came across the card that Gary gave me … More

Avoiding The Storm

It’s been a week since Gary turned up on my doorstep and I’m happy to say I emotionally survived the … More

A Time To Flourish

The house is ours. We got confirmation a few days ago that all of the checks came back fine so … More


Katie and I were talking about my family and she commented on how different they all are to me saying … More

Types of Intelligence

I haven’t written here for two months. Taking myself off the dating radar means that I’ve spent loads of quality … More

What Love Really Is

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the last couple of days about relationships and men. I thought I only … More

A Change of Heart

Liam got in touch today to say that he’d had second thoughts and that sleeping with someone the way we … More


With Alice’s words about dating ringing in my ears, I decided to test the theory and try and find someone … More

A Cut Gem

A few years ago, when Dad moved house, he gave away loads of his stuff to his children. One of … More

Easy Come, Easy Go

Alice inadvertently gave me a lesson on being easy-going, relaxing about stuff and just having fun.On Christmas eve, she went … More

A More Realistic View

I gave some thought to my compatibility results from yesterday. In reality, so many of the things that I listed … More


When I was married to Greg, I read a book called Are You The One For Me, that really helped … More

High-Value Man

I wrote yesterday about becoming a high-value woman to attract a high-value man so I thought it only right that … More

High-Value Woman

I’ve been thinking today about the changes I’m making in my life, changes that should bring about me living a … More

Bright Places

I have just finished reading my third book in five days. I’m a pretty quick reader anyway but certainly not … More

Creating Space

Today, on the fourth day of creating a valuable life, I found myself looking at my home, my stuff and … More

Just One More Day

It’s day three of my social media ban and I don’t think I’ll be going back. I feel so much … More

Social Media Free

On the last day of 2016, I made the impulsive decision to go social media free throughout January. I gave … More

Everything’s Fucking Rosy

Apart from that… Everything’s fucking rosy. Those were the words to my brother-in-law, Max, today after telling him all about … More

A Universal Link

Every now on then, curiosity gets the better of me and I look on Facebook to see what Phil is … More

Zero Tolerance

I had a conversation about narcissists with my nephew, James. It led to him saying to me that I attract … More

The Real Him

Mo messaged me again last night, this time to send me photos of his visit to the Cornwall. Later he … More

The Lies I Tell Myself

I read back what I wrote the other day about the moments of love I’ve experienced and I suddenly realised … More

Moments of Love

I woke this morning having had a dream about love. A man had his arms around me and kissed my … More

Enough Love

When I was a teenager, our family was friends with a couple who had no children. I thought about their … More

Twelve Little Words

“The funeral is over, now it’s time he got back to normal.” Twelve words. Twenty months, a string of insults, … More


I had a very big moment of weakness and slept with Gary last night and it was probably exactly what … More


It’s two months since I ended my relationship with Gary but I haven’t been able to write about him much … More


I’m going through an odd phase in life. I feel tired, angry, frustrated. I feel a lack of connection, not … More

Dream Revelations

Last night I found myself suddenly feeling really sad. It enveloped me completely and at 1am, unable to sleep, I … More

I Won’t Settle

After weeks of talking most nights over text, Howie and I met up tonight for a walk along the beach … More

Conditional Love

I feel so angry today. I’m pretty sure it’s self-inflicted from unhealed crap from years ago coming back up. I … More

Gentle Love

Throughout my whole life, apart from when I was with Phil, the only love I’ve really known is one of … More

Contact Made

After the debacle with Gary ten days ago, he sent me this text today. “Hi Annie. I hope you’ve checked … More

Paying Off

My relationship with Gary might be over but I’m determined not to go back to my old ways. I’m continuing … More


I feel so empty. It’s so strange after a break up. Suddenly my phone is silent, the endless drama which … More

Starting To See Change

It’s week four of my healthy eating and new exercise routine and while the weight is slow in coming off … More

A Handy Convenience

Gary texted me earlier to tell me he’d tried to delete his profile from the dating site but that he … More

Through The Lens

I spent some time thinking about Gary, about Howie and about me. Gary and I argued relentlessly again about him … More

At Loggerheads

When Gary and I discussed a new way our relationship could work, it was agreed that we would talk about … More

Winning The Lottery

Last night I dreamt that I won the lottery. A huge amount. Enough to set us up for life. In … More


Gary and I were talking when out of the blue he said, “You’re to wear hold-ups and no knickers every … More